Lindsay’s Intro

Hello food lovers! I’m Lindsay and I love to eat. Seriously. I hate diets and I’m so happy that my fellow hostess, Michelle, introduced me to this amazing lifestyle (not a diet) of Lindsay HeadshotPaleo. I’m a voice actress over here on the East Coast just outside of NYC. I also run a very busy talent agency with my husband, taking the time to train for half marathons and dance ballet, while raising a wonderful little boy. Due to my busy lifestyle, I will be sharing with you quick and easy recipes that can easily be modified to non-Paleo for the pickier husba– I mean, folks, in your life.

Like Michelle, I am not super-strict with my way of eating. I won’t get mad at myself if I have a bite of something naughty at a family gathering. I also love cheese and won’t give that up. My household is Pescatarian so you will find lots of vegetarian and seafood recipes from me, as well as delicious smoothies and ice creams. I’m also a kitchen gadget junky and will often share cool tools that I find along the way.

I look forward to sharing with you some delicious recipes as well as tricks and cheats to fool your family into thinking they are eating regular old comfort food, when they are really eating healthy, organic, Paleo meals, using fresh ingredients right from your neighborhood farmstand.


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