Love Grace Juice Cleanse Review


Hey readers!  So, two weeks ago, my husband and I took a trip down to Austin, TX.  Great place, great people, amazing food.  A little too amazing…..  After cheating with queso and chips a little too much the entire weekend, we had to do something to get rid of this heavy, gross feeling.  Ugh.

So, I heard about the Love Grace Juice Cleanse.  Raw, organic, cold-pressed and made right in NYC!  I never tried a juice cleanse before, but I just had to give it a shot!  To my surprise, my husband signed up with me.  My husband who cringes at the sight of my green smoothies and would rather order a pizza than eat an avocado….

We signed up for the 3 day cleanse.  Enough to maybe lose 5 lbs, but not too much that we would have to padlock the fridge.  To my delight, this shipped SUPER fast and we had our cleanse within a few days.  We organized the juices so that we knew exactly which one to drink when (and we could have chosen to drink them in any order we wished).

Day 1:

The day started off with a refreshing coconut water based drink with lots of greens.  I loved this drink and I would have one every morning if I could!  My husband, not so much.  But, he got by and was able to finish his by the time we had to drink the next one!  The ginger bomb was exactly what it’s name stated.  Whoa!  What a drink.  It certainly woke you up!  This was my husband’s favorite drink.

Around mid-day we both started to really feel hungry, but we made sure to drink lots of water and that would get us through to the next drink.  The Super Cider was delicious and the Green Smoothie helped keep our hunger at bay for a bit longer.  I do have to say, the last two drinks of the night were a bit tough if you are not used to “green” drinks.  After struggling through my ballet class, we were both pretty light-headed, very hungry and grumpy so we called it an early night and crossed our fingers we would feel better in the morning.

Day 2:

We both woke up surprisingly not hungry, grumpy, or lightheaded!  This day was much easier to get through, and even tap class seemed much easier for me.  We had some different juices and smoothies to try and that kept things interesting.  I enjoyed the Longevity Tonic (never heard of shilajit before).  The Probiotic smoothie was great!  The end of the night was still a bit tough but much better than the night before.

Day 3:

Feeling great!  This day was the best by far, but we were certainly missing food at this point.  The Chocolate Superfood Smoothie was the highlight of my day.  We weighed in and I lost a total of 4.6 lbs and hubby lost 6.6 lbs.  Not bad for three days!

All in all, I’m VERY happy that we tried this cleanse.  I know it’s not permanent weight loss, but it felt good to feel healthier after eating so bad during vacation.  I would highly recommend this cleanse to anyone looking to jump start their diet or just looking to feel refreshed.

This even inspired me to research some juicers so look for some yummy juice recipes coming soon to the blog!

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